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Prof.  Marcelle Machluf : " Cancer Drug Delivery & Cell Based Technologies ."
17.07.16.Nano Ghosts to fight cancer Technion research
22.02.16.Nanoghosts as a Novel Natural Nonviral Gene Delivery Platform Safely Targeting Multiple...ACS
20.06.13.Reconstructed Stem Cell Nanoghosts: A Natural Tumor Targeting Platform.ACS

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Prof. Shlomo Yitzchaik : "
Bioelectronic Interfaces "
2016.Atomic Force Microscopy acterization Of Kinase Mediated ... Scientific Reports  . 
2016.Living Wires-Effects Of Size And Coating Of Gold Nanoparticles In Altering ...Nano LIFE  .
2015.Acidity Of The Methyne Group Of Poly(4-Vinylpyridine) Lead To Side-Chain...New J.Chem  .
Prof. Yossi Paltiel : Chairman of Applied Physics,
"The Quantum Nano Engineering "
2017.Magnetic nanoplatelet-based spin memory device operating at ambient...Advanced Materials  .
2017.Probing Molecular-Transport Properties using the Superconducting Proximity Effect.Small Methods .
2017.Self-formed nanogap junctions for electronic detection and acterization of...RSC Advances   .
2017.Local Light-Induced Magnetization Using Nanodots and Chiral Molecules. ASC NanoLetters  .
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05.08.17.Rapid 3-D printing in water using novel hybrid nanoparticles.A new type of nano-photoinitiator could lead to advanced biomedical and industrial materials, along with more environmentally friendly printing processes.Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology have developed a new type of photoinitiator..Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

05.08.17.Molecular nanoparticles lead to major advancement in the development of solar cells.A new study by researchers at the University of St Andrews could herald a major advancement in the development of solar cells.The efficient use of solar energy for electricity generation is considered vital to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, a cause of global warming.The St Andrews research, led by Professor..University of St Andrews 

05.08.17.Energy storage solution combines polymers and nanosheets.UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — A new, lightweight composite material for energy storage in flexible electronics, electric vehicles and aerospace applications has been experimentally shown to store energy at operating temperatures well above current commercial polymers, according to a team of Penn State scientists. This polymer-based,.Pennsylvania State University 

05.08.17.New MRI contrast agent tested on big animals.The top causes of death worldwide, ischemic heart diseases and stroke, together with another major source of illness, that is cancer, require proper imaging of blood vessels. A team formed by the Center for Nanoparticle Research, within the Institute for Basic Science, in collaboration with scientists at Anhui Provincial Hospital and..Institute for Basic Science 

05.08.17.Chemists make laser-induced graphene from wood.Rice University scientists have made wood into an electrical conductor by turning its surface into graphene.Rice chemist James Tour and his colleagues used a laser to blacken a thin film pattern onto a block of pine. The pattern is laser-induced graphene (LIG), a form of the atom-thin carbon material discovered at Rice in 2014."It's a union of the..Rice University 

05.08.17.As shares plunge, Teva sees 7,000 layoffs by year’s end.Jerusalem based drugmaker plans to shut plants, slashes dividend on disappointing quarterly results. Teva said it was in the process of laying off some 7,000 workers Thursday, as stocks plunged after the drugmaker reported disappointing second-quarter results and cut its dividend payment for the quarter by 75 percent.The company said it posted..The Time of Israel 

05.08.17.Israel’s first mobility tech fund raises more than $40m. “The move in locomotion from gasoline to electric, while being a crucial step, I now realize will also someday be seen as an historical footnote,” said Maniv founder Michael Granoff.Maniv Mobility LP, the first Israel-based venture fund dedicated exclusively to mobility technologies, announced on Wednesday that it has raised its first fund – ..The Jerusalem Post 

05.08.17. Israeli pharma firm NeuroDerm sold for $1.1b to Mitsubishi.The buyer, in the largest ever acquisition of an Israeli pharmaceuticals company, is Japan's Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation.Israeli pharmaceuticals company NeuroDerm Ltd. (Nasdaq: NDRM) has been sold for $1.1 billion in cash ($39 per share). This is the largest ever acquisition of an Israeli healthcare company, and ..The Jerusalem Post  

05.08.17. Israeli robotics company receives funding from Toyota Research Institute.Intuition Robotics, known for developing the Elli•Q aging companion, announced on Tuesday that the company received a $14 million investment in a Series-A financing round.An Israeli-developed robotic companion is one step closer to helping older adults connect to their families and stay active, following a ..The Jerusalem Post 

05.08.17. Birthright program joins top Israelis, North Americans to build start-ups.The Excel Ventures program is a 10-week fellowship part of the larger Birthright Israel Excel program, a business internship framework that has been operating for seven years.In a swanky, shared workspace in Tel Aviv equipped with hardwood floors and soda fountains, American and Israeli innovators huddle ..The Jerusalem Post