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Prof. Marcelle Machluf : " Cancer Drug Delivery & Cell Based Technologies ."
17.07.16.Nano Ghosts to fight cancer Technion research
22.02.16.Nanoghosts as a Novel Natural Nonviral Gene Delivery Platform Safely Targeting Multiple...ACS
20.06.13.Reconstructed Stem Cell Nanoghosts: A Natural Tumor Targeting Platform.ACS
Prof. Shlomo Yitzchaik : "
Bioelectronic Interfaces "
2016.Atomic Force Microscopy acterization Of Kinase Mediated ... Scientific Reports  . 
2016.Living Wires-Effects Of Size And Coating Of Gold Nanoparticles In Altering ...Nano LIFE  .
2015.Acidity Of The Methyne Group Of Poly(4-Vinylpyridine) Lead To Side-Chain...New J.Chem  .
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25.05.17.Speeding up quality control for biologics.Drugs manufactured by living cells, also called biologics, are one of the fastest-growing segments of the pharmaceutical industry. These drugs, often antibodies or other proteins, are being used to treat cancer, arthritis, and many other diseases.Monitoring the quality of these drugs has proven challenging, however, because ..Massachusetts Institute of Technology... 

25.05.17.Researchers show laser-induced graphene kills bacteria, resists biofouling.Scientists at Rice University and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) have discovered that laser-induced graphene (LIG) is a highly effective anti-fouling material and, when electrified, bacteria zapper.LIG is a spongy version of graphene, the single-atom layer of carbon atoms. The Rice lab of chemist James...Rice University... 

24.05.17.‘Sticky’ particles promise more precise drug delivery for brain cancer.A Yale research team has found that by tinkering with the surface properties of drug-loaded nanoparticles, they can potentially direct these particles to specific cells in the brain.By making nanoparticles bioadhesive, or “sticky,” the researchers have answered a long-standing question: Once you get the particles to the brain, how do..Yale University... 

24.05.17.Let there be light: Controlled creation of quantum emitter arrays.Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) are layered semiconductors that can be exfoliated into layers only a few atoms thick. Recent research has shown that some TMDs can contain quantum light sources that can emit single photons of light.Until now, the occurrence of these quantum light emitters has been random. Now, 

24.05.17.Graphene-based sensor could improve evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of asthma.Rutgers University-New Brunswick scientists have created a graphene-based sensor that could lead to earlier detection of looming asthma attacks and improve the management of asthma and other respiratory diseases, preventing hospitalizations and deaths.The sensor paves the way for the development...Rutgers University... 

19.05.17.How to Get People to Stop Eating Meat? Better Alternatives.People already know about the perils and morals of eating animals: The Reducetarian Summit this weekend aims at gathering minds to promote new ideas and technologies.Vegetables at the Organic Market shop.How to get people to eat plant-based food rather than meat? Education, persuasion, availabiility - and developing...Haaretz... 

19.05.17. Agriculture ‘the main pillar’ in India-Israel relations.Management, conservation and reuse of water seen as next big focus area.From the blossoming mango ords of Haryana state to the drip-irrigated vegetable nurseries of Gujarat state, Israeli agricultural know-how has become a staple resource on farms across the Indian subcontinent.“Undoubtedly, agriculture is at least one of the two..The Jerusalem Post... 

18.05.17. Five promising startups in the nation of innovation.Be on the look out for these five Israeli startups.In the wake of Intel’s $15 billion decision to acquire Mobileye in March, momentum in Israel’s start-up scene is building faster than ever.Israelis continue to excel across a wide spectrum of sectors such as cyber security, transportation technologies, energy, water and big data, positioning the country..The Jerusalem Post... 

18.05.17.Tech talk: Israel’s ad-tech scene heats up with mergers and acquisitions. Ad-tech (advertising technology) mergers and acquisitions have been on a roller coaster ride in recent years, and 2016 certainly didn’t let up. What should we expect in 2017?In 2015, public and private marketplace sentiment cooled, but 2016 saw a resurgence – more than 400 deals were made.The total disclosed deal value for 2016,..The Jerusalem Post... 

18.05.17. LaHood: 'If you're not into autonomous cars, you're not in the game'. Former US Secretary of Transportation tells "Globes" about his future vision for transportation.US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood speaks during a memorial ceremony to honor the life of former House Minority Leader Rep.When the then President-elect Barack Obama presented the Republican Ray LaHood as Secretary..The Jerusalem Post...