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20.12.14.Quantum physics just got less

17.12.14.Quantum thinking: Cats to computers.BBC News

16.12.14.'Fibonacci quasiparticle' could form basis of future quantum

11.12.14.Taiwanese researcher recognised for quantum computer.AsiaOne

09.12.14.Quantum Teleportation Reaches Farthest Distance Yet.Live Science

08.12.14.Quantum computers, next-generation electronics come closer to reality.Zee News physics mystery shows a path to quantum transistors ScienceDaily.Science Daily

05.12.14.Quest for Quantum Computers Heats Up.Scientific American

05.12.14.Quantum computing is so powerful it takes two years to understand...The Register

05.12.14.Google may use quantum computing to improve its advertising and web...VentureBeat

05.12.14.Google and NASA ride D-Wave to a quantum future.New Scientist

04.12.14.GCHQ boffins quantum-busted its OWN crypto primitive.The Register

03.12.14.CommBank throws AU$5 MEELLION at UNSW quantum computer lab.The Register

02.12.14.Possible read head for quantum computers ScienceDaily.ScienceDaily

02.12.14.CBA invests $5m in UNSW quantum computing centre.The Australian Financial Review

02.12.14.Study narrows the scope of research on quantum

01.12.14.New largest number factored on a quantum device is

26.11.14.The quest for the quality qubit: quantum computer based on trapped ions...ZME Science

26.11.14.Physics - Trapped Ions Make Impeccable Qubits.Physical Review Focus

25.11.14.Big step for quantum computing: A quantum bit made from a calcium ion...Reddit

21.11.14.Battelle, ID Quantique Create New Quantum-Safe Security Working Group...Yahoo Finance

18.11.14.Simon's algorithm run on quantum computer for the first time—

18.11.14.Simon's says quantum computing will work.Register

17.11.14.Quantum Computers: The End of Cryptography?MakeUseOf

15.11.14.Milestone algorithm runs on quantum computer.Science News

14.11.14.'Topological insulators' promising for spintronics, quantum

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20.12.14.Pinpoint laser heating creates a maelstrom of magnetic nanotextures.A simulation study by researchers from the RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science has demonstrated the feasibility of using lasers to create and manipulate nanoscale magnetic vortices. The ability to create and control these 'skyrmions' could lead to the development of skyrmion-based information storage devices.RIKEN... 

19.12.14.Research aims to improve regeable batteries by focusing on graphene oxide paper.A Kansas State University engineering team has discovered some of graphene oxide's important properties that can improve sodium- and lithium-ion flexible batteries.Gurpreet Singh, assistant professor of mechanical and nuclear engineering, and Lamuel David, doctoral student in mechanical..."Kansas State University... 

19.12.14.Researchers glimpse pathway of sunlight to electricity.Four pulses of laser light on nanoparticle photocells in a University of Oregon spectroscopy experiment has opened a window on how captured sunlight can be converted into electricity.The work, which potentially could inspire devices with improved efficiency in solar energy conversion, was performed on photocells that used lead-sulfide...University of Oregon... 

19.12.14.Gold nanorods target cancer cells.Using tiny gold nanorods, researchers at Swinburne University of Technology have demonstrated a potential breakthrough in cancer therapy.They have shown for the first time that gold nanorods can be used to inhibit cancer cell growth in cervical cancer.Dr Chiara Paviolo from Swinburne's Centre for Micro-Photonics attached tiny particles to 

19.12.14.Spider's web weaves way to advanced networks and displays.The next generation of light-manipulating networks may take their lead from designs inspired by spiders and leaves, according to a new report from two Boston College physicists and colleagues at South China Normal University.Structures as commonplace as spider webs and leaf venation show they can lead to near optimal Compass in the Brain.A study on bats' flight pinpoints the neurons that tell us which way we are headed.Pilots are trained to guard against vertigo: a sudden loss of the sense of vertical direction that renders them unable to tell “up” from “down” and sometimes even leads to crashes. Coming up out of a subway station can produce similar confusion:..Weizmann Institute of Science... 

01.12.14.Prof. Haim Garty, Vice President of the Weizmann Institute, 1948-2014.Prof. Haim Garty loved to tell people that he grew up in the “backyard of the Weizmann Institute of Science.” Garty was born in Bulgaria in 1948 and came with his family to Israel in 1950, settling in Rehovot. So his childhood memories were colored by the Institute. In one recollection, “Rehovot...Weizmann Institute of Science... 

20.11.14.Pumping Zinc.Weizmann Institute researchers reveal an unusual cellular mechanism that may be faulty in Alzheimer’s disease.Why would a cell go to the trouble of destroying perfectly good, newly-minted proteins? New research at the Weizmann Institute and research centers in Germany, which was recently published in Molecular Cell,..Weizmann Institute of Science... 

20.11.14.How Water Could Have Flowed on Mars.A new model suggests volcanic activity in Mars’ distant past spewed enough greenhouse gases to warm the atmosphere and melt the ice.Why does the cold, barren surface of Mars contain geological features that appear to have been formed by flowing water: river valleys, lake basins and deltas?Weizmann Institute of Science... 

20.11.14.Microbes Take their Sulfur Light.A model explaining the preferences of deep-sea microbes can help reveal the ancient past–as well as predict the future.On the ocean floor,where oxygen is in short supply,live microbes that “breathe” sulfur instead of oxygen.Far from the world’s forests, these microbes play a vital role in the planet’s carbon cycle,digesting around half of the...Weizmann Institute of Science...