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02.08.14.Will Silicon Save Quantum Computing?Source:IEEE Spectrum

01.08.14.Dwave Systems has government, commercial and ...Source:Next Big Future

31.07.14.Verifying the future of quantum computing.Source:Phys.Org

26.07.14.Welcome to Quantum computing.Source:Baltimore Post-Examiner

25.07.14.Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)'s New Frontier Quantum Computing.Source:Tech Insider

24.07.14.Laser Breakthrough Could Illuminate the Future of

23.07.14.Quantum leap in lasers at Dartmouth brightens future for ...Source:Science Codex

18.07.14.Harris and Harris invests in Nanotechnology, biotech and ...Source:Next Big Future

16.07.14.D-Wave, The Company That Made The First Commercial ..Source:Business Insider

14.07.14.Quantum computers challenge cybersecurity.Source:ABC Science Online

14.07.14.Quantum computing pioneer looks to IPO.Source:Financial Times

13.07.14.How D-Wave Built Quantum Computing Hardware for the Next...Source:IEEE Spectrum

13.07.14.IBM's $3 Billion Investment In Synthetic Brains And Quantum ...Source:Fast Company

12.07.14.D-Wave Wins More Funding For Quantum Computing Push.Source:Wall Street Journal

06.07.14.From pencil marks to quantum computers.Source:Physorg

05.07.14.Quantum computing's reality fluctuates over time.Source:NewsNow Publishing

02.07.14.NRL reports a breakthrough in 'quantum dots'.Source:Defense Systems

30.06.14.Kothari: Jordan's Lemma and quantum computing.Source:University of Waterloo

24.06.14.Microsoft Makes Bet Quantum Computing Is Next Breakthrough.Source:New York Time

23.06.14.Physicists find way to boot up quantum computers 72 times...Source:Physorg

23.06.14.RayTracing using photonic quantum

22.06.14.New tests question if current quantum computing is really,...Source:VentureBeat

22.06.14.Confirmed, finally:D-Wave quantum computer is sometimes sluggish.Source:CNET

21.06.14.Quantum Computers Still Aren't Faster Than Regular Old Computers.Source:Wired

18.06.14.Ultra-thin wires for quantum

17.06.14.Quantum computation: Fragile yet error-free.Source:Space Daily

17.06.14.Researchers find weird magic ingredient for quantum computing.Source:Space Daily

16.06.14.Pairing up single atoms in silicon for quantum computing.Source:Physorg

15.06.14.Quantum Weirdness a Key Ingredient for Building ....Source:Scientific Computing

14.06.14.Boffins lay out 'practical requirements' of 'realistic' QUANTUM ...Source:Register

14.06.14.Weird magic ingredient for quantum computing discovered.Source:Delhi Daily News

13.06.14.Quantum computing has a magic word - contextuality.Source:Tech Times

13.06.14.Quantum computation: Fragile yet error-free.Source:Physorg

13.06.14.D-Wave confirmed as the first real quantum computer by new ..Source:ExtremeTech

12.06.14.Development of new ion traps advances quantum computing systems.Source:Physorg

11.06.14.A quantum (computing) gun revealed by quantum smoke.Source:Ars Technica

11.06.14.Human-Alien Hybrids Connect With Quantum Computer:..?.Source:Huffington Post

10.06.14.D-Wave Systems Building Quantum Application Ecosystem,...Source:MarketWatch

06.06.14.Experimental Evidence Confirms That D-Wave ....Source:Business Insider Australia

05.06.14.The NSA Probably Really, Really Wants a Quantum Computer.Source:The Atlantic

04.06.14.Discovery opens new path to superfast quantum computing.Source:WSU News

02.06.14.Futuristic Quantum Computer Is Here! The 512-Qubit D-Wave Two.Source:The Inquisitr

30.05.14.Quantum phenomenon shown in $15m D-Wave computer.Source:BBC News

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26.07.14.Study reveals new acteristics of complex oxide surfaces.A novel combination of microscopy and data processing has given researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory an unprecedented look at the surface of a material known for its unusual physical and electrochemical properties.Oak Ridge National Laboratory... 

25.07.14.Graphene and related materials promise cheap, flexible printed cameras.Dr Felice Torrisi, University Lecturer in Graphene Technology, has been awarded a Young International Researchers' Fellowship from the National Science Foundation of China to look at how graphene and two-dimensional materials could enable printed and flexible eyes.University of Cambridge... 

25.07.14.Quenching the world's water and energy crises, one tiny droplet at a time.In the Namib Desert of Africa, the fog-filled morning wind carries the drinking water for a beetle called the 

18.07.14.Supercomputers reveal strange, stress-induced transformations in world's thinnest materials.Interested in an ultra-fast, unbreakable, and flexible smart phone that reges in a matter of seconds? Monolayer materials may make it possible.Brookhaven National Laboratory... 

17.07.14.Magnetically controlled nanoparticles enhance stroke treatment.Researchers at the University of Georgia and their collaborators have developed a new technique to enhance stroke treatment that uses magnetically controlled nanomotors to rapidly transport a clot-busting drug to potentially life-threatening blockages in blood vessels.University of Georgia... 

30.07.14.Measuring the Smallest Magnets.Weizmann physicists measured magnetic interactions between single electrons.Imagine trying to measure a tennis ball that bounces wildly, every time to a distance a million times its own size. The bouncing obviously creates enormous “background noise” that interferes with the measurement. But if you attach the ball directly to a measuring device, so they bounce together, you can eliminate the noise problem.Weizmann Institute of Science... 

23.07.14.The Real Price of Steak.New research reveals the comparative environmental costs of livestock-based foods.We are told that eating beef is bad for the environment, but do we know its real cost? Are the other animal or animal-derived foods better or worse? New research at the Weizmann Institute of Science, conducted in collaboration with scientists in the US,...Weizmann Institute of Science... 

16.07.14.Quantum Physics.The World’s First Photonic Router.Weizmann Institute scientists take another step down the long road toward quantum computers.Weizmann Institute scientists have demonstrated for the first time a photonic router – a quantum device based on a single atom that enables routing of single photons by single photons.Weizmann Institute of Science... 

09.07.14.Israeli nanotech innovation can ‘smell’ bombs. An Israeli firm has developed the world’s first nanotech-based “electronic nose” to sniff out security threats like bombs, biological warfare agents, and toxic liquids. The developers say their new nose even outperforms dogs and will be available next year.The Times of Israel(Start-Up Israel)... 

22.06.14.Tiny Molecule Could Help Diagnose and Treat Mental Disorders.Weizmann Institute scientists “fingerprint” a culprit in depression, anxiety and other mood disorders.According to the World Health Organization,such mood disorders as depression affect some 10% of the world’s population and are associated with a heavy burden of disease.Weizmann Institute of Science...