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Quantum Computer News:

23.04.14.Beyond I.I.d in information theory..Source:Centre for Quantum Technologies(CQT)

14.04.14.Quantum gate could link multiple qubits into single computer.Source:Ars Technica

13.04.14.Single-atom gates open the door to quantum computing.Source:TIME

12.04.14.Two Big Steps Toward the Quantum Computer.Source:Popular Mechanics

10.04.14.What Is: Quantum computing.Source:Times LIVE

05.04.14.Quantum computing:Quantum photon...Source:California Institute of Technology

02.04.14.Extreme Superposition: Researchers Record Quantum...Source:Science 2.0

31.03.14.Quantum Computation,Part 1:Transistors.Source:DatacenterDynamics (blog)

27.03.14.Quantum Mechanics Could Yield Ultimate Privacy.Source:Forbes

26.03.14.Quantum Computing Research May Back Controversial ...Source:New York Times

22.03.14.Solving the unsolvable: A quantum boost for supercomputing.Source:GigaOM

20.03.14.Quantum computers will leave Moore's Law far,far behind.Source:GigaOM

18.03.14.How Google Can Repel the Attack of the NSA Quantum Computer.Source:Wired

15.03.14.D-Wave prepping quantum computers to outperform conventional...Source:PCWorld

09.03.14.Dwave Superconducting Quantum Computer passes more...Source:Next Big Future‎

07.03.14.Quantum computing explained:harnessing particle physics to...Source:The Guardian

01.03.14.Proposed modular quantum computer architecture offers

01.03.14.Quantum computing marks new era in optimization.Source:Red and Black‎

27.02.14.Google explains the present and future of quantum computing.Source:ExtremeTech

22.02.14.Vancouver's D-Wave Makes Cover of TIME Magazine for..Source:Techvibes (blog)

20.02.14.Quantum computation in diamond.Source:R & D Magazine

18.02.14.D-Wave wooing universities down under.Source:Register

16.02.14.Computer Crunches Data —in Different Universes?Source:Newser

15.02.14.How Quantum Computing Will Change Cryptography.Source:Lifehacker Australia

14.02.14.D-Wave of the future: Quantum computing...Source:Vancouver Sun(blog)

11.02.14.D-Wave's Quantum Computing Claim Disputed Again.Sorce:IEEE Spectrum

10.02.14.The quantum realm is and is not the future of computing.Source:Financial Times

08.02.14.Quantum Computing: A Primer.Source:TIME Ways Quantum Computing Will Change Everything.Source:TIME

06.02.14.Big Leap Forward for Integrated Quantum Computer.Source:HPCwire‎

05.02.14.Google might have wasted its cash on a quantum computer.Source:TechEye

04.02.14.Researchers Just Solved One of Quantum Computing's Biggest ...Source:Gizmodo

04.02.14.The threat to internet security from quantum computing.Source:Computing

02.02.14.Leave the absolute zero to NASA.Your quantum computer will be...Source:GigaOm

01.02.14.New Quantum Computing Research that is promising for ...Source:Next Big Future

01.02.14.Key quantum computing components squeezed onto a single chip.Source:GigaOM

01.02.14.Quantum Engineers make a major step towards a...Source:University of Bristol‎

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24.04.14.Gold nanoparticles help target, quantify breast cancer gene segments in a living cell.Purdue University researchers have developed a way to detect and measure cancer levels in a living cell by using tiny gold particles with tails of synthetic DNA.Purdue University... 

24.04.14.Nanomechanical sensors detect cancer from breath.An array of functionalised membrane-type surface stress sensors (MSS) distinguishes cancer patients from healthy people through a signature response to breath samples.National Institute for Materials Science... 

22.04.14.Researchers make major advances in dye sensitized solar cells.Working on dye-sensitized solar cells - researchers from University Malaya (UM) and National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) have achieved an efficiency of 1.12 %, at a fraction of the cost compared to those used by platinum devices.University of Malaya... 

22.04.14.Bright lights, small crystals: Scientists use nanoparticles to capture images of single molecules.When imaging at the single-molecule level, small irregularities known as heterogeneities become apparent – features that are lost in higher-scale, so-called ensemble 

20.04.14.MRI, on a molecular scale: Team develops system that could peer into atomic structure of individual molecules.For decades, scientists have used techniques such as X-ray crystallography and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)...Harvard University... 

08.04.14.Science on Tap 2014.Weizmann Institute scientists will be at 55 bars and cafes in Tel Aviv chatting – in language all can understand – about the open questions and latest new findings at the forefront of science.Weizmann Institute of Science ... 

12.03.14.Weizmann Institute of Science and Clalit Health Services Will Collaborate to Advance the Field of Personalized Medicine and Improve Health Care Services.Weizmann Institute of Science... 

06.03.14.New German-Israeli Laboratory Inaugurated at the Weizmann Institute.On Tuesday, March 4, 2014, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Max Planck Society and the Weizmann Institute of Science to inaugurate the Max Planck - Weizmann Laboratory for Experimental Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Neurogenetics.Weizmann Institute of Science... 

28.02.14.Israel's Elbit Wins US Border Work After Boeing Dropped.Elbit Systems Ltd. (ESLT) won a $145 million contract for border-surveillance technology, the Department of Homeland Security announced ...Businessweek... 

06.02.14.Time is of the Essence.New findings in mice suggest that merely changing meal times could have a significant effect on the levels of triglycerides in the liver. The results of this Weizmann Institute of Science study, recently published in Cell Metabolism...