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17.07.16.Nano Ghosts to fight cancer Technion research
22.02.16.Nanoghosts as a Novel Natural Nonviral Gene Delivery Platform Safely Targeting Multiple...ACS
20.06.13.Reconstructed Stem Cell Nanoghosts: A Natural Tumor Targeting Platform.ACS

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18.07.17.Revealing Particle Separation: No amplification needed, ultrasensitive DNA quantification by light scattering.Traces of biomolecules such as DNA can be detected with a new “dynamic” technique based on the observation of association and dissociation events of gold nanoparticles. If the desired DNA sequence is present, it can reversibly bind two nanoparticles together. This can be detected in real...Wiley 

18.07.17.Breathable, wearable electronics on skin for long-term health monitoring.An exotic interaction between light and metal can be harnessed to make chemical reactions more sustainable, but the physics behind it has been widely debated in the field.Now, a study from the University of Michigan has shown how a light-harvesting metal transfers energy to a catalytic metal, opening the way for..University of Michigan  

18.07.17.Breathable, wearable electronics on skin for long-term health monitoring.A hypoallergenic electronic sensor can be worn on the skin continuously for a week without discomfort, and is so light and thin that users forget they even have it on, says a Japanese group of scientists.The elastic electrode constructed of breathable nanoscale meshes holds promise for the development of noninvasive e-skin..University of Tokyo 

18.07.17.Plasmon-powered devices for medicine, security, solar cells.A Rice University professor's method to "upconvert" light could make solar cells more efficient and disease-targeting nanoparticles more effective.Experiments led by Gururaj Naik, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, combined plasmonic metals and semiconducting quantum wells to boost the frequency of light, 

17.07.17.Fluorine grants white graphene new powers: Researchers turn common insulator into a magnetic semiconductor.Rice researchers turn common insulator into a magnetic semiconductor.A little fluorine turns an insulating ceramic known as white graphene into a wide-bandgap semiconductor with magnetic properties. Rice University scientists said that could make the unique material suitable..Rice University 

18.07.17.BiondVax to set up new Jerusalem manufacturing plant.BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd., a developer of a universal flu vaccine candidate, said Tuesday it will soon start construction of a new manufacturing facility in Jerusalem.The Ness Ziona-based company whose shares are traded on the Nasdaq and in Tel Aviv said it has signed an agreement to lease a space of approximately 1,800 square meters in the..The Time of Israel 

18.07.17.To tackle online crime, Israel approves web censorship law.Courts may now order providers to block terror group websites, online illegal gambling, prostitution services, hard drug sales.The Knesset on Monday approved a law allowing the court-ordered blocking or removal of internet sites promoting criminal or terror activity, marking the first introduction of laws restricting the internet in Israel.The Time of Israel 

15.07.17.Israel sets up plan to keep large tech firms ahead of the curve.Innovation Authority targets firms with over $100m in sales; offers grants of up to 50% of projects’ R&D costs.The Israel Innovation Authority is setting up a new program to provide grants for research and development (R&D) at Israeli corporations that have annual sales of more than $100 million, in an effort to help them maintain...Time of Israel 

15.07.17.Teva expected to name new CEO in bid to restore confidence.AstraZeneca's CEO Soriot to join Israeli drugs company Teva: report.TEL AVIV (Reuters) - Israel-based Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (TEVA.TA) is expected to name Anglo-Swedish group AstraZeneca's (AZN.L) Chief Executive Pascal Soriot as Teva's next CEO, the Calcalist financial news website said on Wednesday.Reuters 

15.07.17.Israel’s robot friend nabs Toyota Research investment.Intuition Robotics, maker of the ElliQ social companion robot for the elderly, raises $14 million in funding round.Intuition Robotics, the developer of ElliQ, a social companion robot for elderly people, said it has raised $14 million in a series-A funding round led by Japan’s Toyota Research Institute (TRI). The investment round brings the total funds...The Time of Israel