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20.09.14.Nuclear spins control current in plastic LED:Step toward...Source:University of Utah

19.09.14.Secure Computing for the Everyman: Quantum ...Source:Scientific Computing

17.09.14.Method detects prize particle for future quantum computing.Source:Space Daily

17.09.14.Making quantum dots glow

17.09.14.PQCrypto 2014"6TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE.Source:University of Waterloo

15.09.14.Turning light into crystals: Technique that changes...Source:Daily Mail

14.09.14.'Solid' light could compute previously unsolvable

06.09.14.The Man Who Will Build Google's Elusive Quantum Computer.Source:Wired 

05.09.14.Lasers Could Aid in Building a Quantum Computer.Source:PC Magazine

05.09.14.Google Sets Out to Build Its Own Quantum Computer.Source:MIT Technology Review

04.09.14.Google begins developing its own quantum computer chips.Source:ExtremeTech

04.09.14.Google Is Working On A Super-Fast 'Quantum' Computer...Source:Business Insider

03.09.14.Google Announces It Is Developing New ...Source:International Business Times

03.09.14.What's really limiting advances in computer tech.Source:The Week Magazine

01.09.14.Oscillator gains new life for quantum computers.Source:EE Times India 

30.08.14.Early computer oscillator could become a core part of quantum

28.08.14.How the Computer of the Future Keeps its Cool.Source:Popular Mechanics

28.08.14.A leap into quantum (blog)

26.08.14.DailyDirt: Quantum Computers Are Both Here And Not Here.Source:Techdirt

26.08.14.How the Computer of the Future Keeps its Cool.Source:Popular Mechanics

24.08.14.Presentation and Communication Skills Course (Year 2).Source:IHRS NanoNet International Conference on Post-Quantum Cryptogra..Source:University of Waterloo

18.08.14.Quantum Computing Methodology – A Huge Development.Source:Argyll Free Press

18.08.14.Quantum Computing On the Horizon.Source:Dumb-Out

18.08.14.Scientists make breakthrough discovery of quantum computing ...Source:Daily Digest

17.08.14.Laser Manipulated Electrons Could Lead To Quantum Computing.Source:Dumb-Out

14.08.14.YC-Backed Rigetti Computing Raises $2.5M To Create...Source:TechCrunch

12.08.14.Do quantum computers threaten global encryption systems?Source:BBC News

12.08.14.Dartmouth Physics Professor Working To Solve ...Source:New Hampshire Public Radio

11.08.14.Another step forward for diamond-based quantum computers.Source:Register

10.08.14.Researchers Propose New Architecture For Quantum Computing...Source:RedOrbit

08.08.14.How could quantum computing disrupt manufacturing?Source:The Strategic Sourceror

07.08.14.Diamonds are a quantum computer's best

06.08.14.Diamond defects engineered for quantum computing and ...Source:R & D Magazine

05.08.14.Imperfect Diamonds Aid Quantum Computing,...Source:Laboratory Equipment

03.08.14.Principles & Applications of Control to Quantum Systems 2014.Source:Cambridge

02.08.14.Will Silicon Save Quantum Computing?Source:IEEE Spectrum

01.08.14.Dwave Systems has government, commercial and ...Source:Next Big Future

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20.09.14.A nanosized hydrogen generator.Researchers at the US Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory have created a small scale "hydrogen generator" that uses light and a two-dimensional graphene platform to boost production of the hard-to-make element.Argonne National Laboratory ... 

20.09.14.Graphene sensor tracks down cancer biomarkers.An ultrasensitive biosensor made from the wonder material graphene has been used to detect molecules that indicate an increased risk of developing cancer.Institute of Physics... 

19.09.14.Startup scales up graphene production, develops biosensors and supercapacitors.An official of a materials technology and manufacturing startup based on a Purdue University innovation says ...Purdue University... 

19.09.14.Physicists heat freestanding graphene to control curvature of ripples.An international team of physicists, led by a research group at the University of Arkansas, has discovered that heating can be used to control the curvature of ripples in freestanding graphene.University of Arkansas... 

18.09.14.Twisted graphene chills out.When two sheets of graphene are stacked in a special way, it is possible to cool down the graphene with a laser instead of heating it up, University of Manchester researchers have shown.University of Manchester... 

17.09.14.Gut Bacteria,Artificial Sweeteners and Glucose Intolerance.A new study reveals that certain gut bacteria may induce metabolic changes following exposure to artificial sweeteners.Weizmann Institute of Science... 

19.08.14.Artificial Cells Act Like the Real Thing.Cell-like compartments produce proteins and communicate with one another, similar to natural biological systems.Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery, but mimicking the intricate networks and dynamic interactions that are inherent to living cells is difficult to achieve outside the cell.Weizmann Institute of Science... 

12.08.14.All-You-Can-Eat at the End of the Universe.A new model shows how early black holes could have grown to over a billion solar masses.At the ends of the Universe there are black holes with masses equaling billions of our sun.Weizmann Institute of Science... 

06.08.14.Pheromones Regulate Aggression of Non-Mother Female Mice toward Pups in Wild-Derived Mice.Laboratory mice are one of the most common animal models used in biological and medical research.Weizmann Institute of Science... 

30.07.14.Measuring the Smallest Magnets.Weizmann physicists measured magnetic interactions between single electrons.Imagine trying to measure a tennis ball that bounces wildly, every time to a distance a million times its own size. The bouncing obviously creates enormous “background noise” that interferes with the measurement. But if you attach the ball directly to a measuring device, so they bounce together, you can eliminate the noise problem.Weizmann Institute of Science...