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26.04.15.The Quantum Computers Which are Bringing the Economy Up to Speed. Newsweek

25.04.15.Quantum Computing Explained.Politics and Society

24.04.14.Multi-million EU project to protect data against quantum computers.Endhoven University

23.04.15.Quantum computing: Silicon

23.04.15.Theory Lowers the Speed Limit for Quantum Computing.IEEE Spectrum awesome ways quantum computers will change the world.Business Insider

18.04.15.Proto quantum computer inspired by Victorians gets a speed boost.New Scientist

18.04.15.Here's why we should be really excited about quantum computers.Business Insider‎

17.04.15.Quantum cryptography at the speed of light:Researchers..University of Toronto Engineering

16.04.15.Moore’s Law at 50: Its past and its future.ExtremeTech

15.04.15.Incomprehensible boffins bring quantum computers a step closer. The Register

14.04.15.Team tightens bounds on quantum information 'speed limit'

12.04.15.Electrical control of quantum bits in silicon paves the way to

11.04.15.Jerry Chow: Taking Superconducting Qubits to the Next Generation.University of Waterloo Annual Meeting of the Canada Excellence Research Chairs.University of Waterloo

09.04.15.Ben Baragiola: Quantum networks: driving a quantum system... University of Waterloo 

07.04.15.What is a quantum computer? The Spokesman Review

07.04.15.Quantum teleportation on a chip.University of Bristol

04.04.15.Physicists first to create new molecule with record-setting.. University of Oklahoma

03.04.15.Chinese Physicists Show How Quantum

01.04.15.Quantum Computing Closer To Reality Through 'Teamwork' Between qDot And Ion.HNGN

31.03.15.Quantum computers could greatly accelerate machine learning. Phys.Org

31.03.15.Next important step toward quantum computer ScienceDaily.Science Daily

31.03.15.Hybrid connected system a step forward for quantum computing.E&T magazine

30.03.15.'Twisted light' gives quantum cryptography a boost..comphysicsworld

28.03.15.Quantum computers raise corporate encryption concerns.Business in Vancouver

27.03.15.Quantum compute this—Mathematicians build code to take on toughest of cyber... Phys.Org

26.03.15.Entanglement with negative Wigner function of almost 3000 atoms heralded by...Nature

21.03.15.Superfast computers a step closer as a silicon chip's

20.03.15.Quantum computing: One step closer with defect-free logic gate.ScienceDaily

20.03.15.Data structures influence speed of quantum search in...University of California - San Diego

19.03.15.A Quantum Leap in Computing, Maybe|TOP500 Supercomputer Sites.Top500

18.03.15.The Australian Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology  

15.03.15.D-Wave Systems (Quantum Computing): Machine Learning Researcher.KDnuggets

14.03.15.Magic states offer surprisingly low error rates for quantum

13.03.15.Online risks in a quantum

11.03.15.Russia adopts quantum computing to counter foreign spyware and...SC Magazine UK


New Project: Quantum Intelligence Technology.Real intelligent steering of adaptive complex networks.

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11,04.15.New insights into graphene and organic composites in electronics.Chemists from Europe's Graphene Flagship review the potential for graphene-organic composite materials in electronics. The researchers show how organic semiconductors can be used to better process graphene, and to tune its properties for particular applications.The best known of all..Graphene Flagship... 

11.04.15.How many gold atoms make gold metal?Researchers at the Nanoscience Center at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, have shown that dramatic changes in the electronic properties of nanometre-sized chunks of gold occur in well-defined size range. Small gold nanoclusters could be used, for instance, in short-term storage of energy or electric ge in the field..Academy of Finland... 

11.04.15.Graphene looking promising for future spintronic devices.Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have discovered that large area graphene is able to preserve electron spin over an extended period, and communicate it over greater distances than had previously been known. This has opened the door for the development of spintronics, with an..Chalmers University of Technology... 

10.04.15Spontaneous formation of biomimetic, nanoporous membrane channels.For the first time, spontaneous ion of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) into natural as well as synthetic cell membranes to form pores that mimic biological channels has been demonstrated. Despite their extremely simple structure, these CNT-membrane pores replicate the major functional behaviors of porins.. 

10.04.15.Chemists create tiny gold nanoparticles that reflect nature's patterns.Our world is full of patterns, from the twist of a DNA molecule to the spiral of the Milky Way. New research from Carnegie Mellon chemists has revealed that tiny, synthetic gold nanoparticles exhibit some of nature's most intricate patterns.Unveiling the kaleidoscope of these patterns was a Herculean task,.Carnegie Mellon University... 

16.04.15.Business in Brief / Unions breaks off talks with Israel Chemicals.Alon moving toward selling stake in U.S. unit to Delek; Nano Dimension unveils 3-D printer; Shares pull back from record high.The labor crisis at Israel Chemicals took a turn for the worse on Tuesday as the Histadrut labor federation broke off talks with management over plans to lay off scores of employees.Haaretz Daily Newspaper... 

15.04.15.Nano-bullet tech shoots down brain cancer in Tel Aviv U study.The worst form of brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), is considered largely incurable by doctors. Victims generally die within a year and a half of being diagnosed with the tumors. It’s such a devastating disease that the National Academy of Sciences calls it “the Terminator.” But an innovative nanotech-based.. 

14.04.15.Heart Cells Regenerated in Mice. Weizmann Institute research gets mouse heart cells to take a step backwards so they can be renewed.When a heart attack strikes, heart muscle cells die and scar tissue forms, paving the way for heart failure. Cardiovascular diseases are a major cause of death worldwide, in part because the cells in our most vital organ do not..Weizmann Institute of Science... 

14.04.15.How a Bacterial Cell Recognizes its Own DNA.It may come as a bit of a surprise to learn that bacteria have an immune system – in their case to fight off invasive viruses called phages. And like any immune system – from single-celled to human – the first challenge of the bacterial immune system is to detect the difference between “foreign” and “self.” This is far..Weizmann Institute of Science... 

03.04.The Weizmann Institute of Science is first in obtaining prestigious European research grants.An analysis of the average success rates for all European Research Council (ERC) grants awarded during the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) of the EU (2007 – 2013) gave the Institute the top score; these grants are awarded to all of the top European research institutes and universities.The Weizmann Institute of Science...