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24.10.14.Quantum Computers Are Coming, and Here's How to Process That...Source:Truthdig

24.10.14.Researchers use silicon to push quantum computing toward...Source:Computerworld

23.10.14.Historic quantum software is run for the first time.Source:New Scientist

21.10.14.Quantum computer buyers' guide: Hardware.Source:New Scientist

20.10.14.A quantum algorithm for computing the unit group of an..Source:University of Waterloo

18.10.14.Closing In On Quantum

17.10.14.Why quantum computing will be civilisation's next big

15.10.14.Quantum Computers Threaten Future Of Internet Security.Source:ValueWalk

14.10.14.Quantum computing poised for new silicon

14.10.14.Another Milestone for Quantum Computing.Source:PC Magazine

14.10.14.Leap forward in quantum computing.Source:ABC Online

14.10.14.Australian researchers have created the most accurate quantum..Source:ScienceAlert

13.10.14.Physicists set new records for silicon quantum

13.10.14.New Accuracy Leap Could Speed Arrival of Superfast Quantum...Source:Re/code

11.10.14.Microsoft will try to make Topological Qubit Quantum Computer.Source:Next Big Future

10.10.14.A Faster Way To Make Quantum Computing Chips.Source:IEEE Spectrum

09.10.14.Quantum Robotics will Create Artificial ...Source:International Business Times UK

09.10.14.Things bad in IT security now? It could get worse.Source:ITWorld Canada

08.10.14.Quantum computing allows Creation of Creative Robots.Source:Austrian Tribune

07.10.14.Joshua Shani: Lockheed, Yissum Partner on Quantum...Source:ExecutiveBiz

07.10.14.Observation of exotic particle could yield powerful quantum...Source:Science Recorder

06.10.14.Qubitekk offers hope for protecting computers in the age of ...Source:Yahoo News

04.10.14.A new approach to on-chip quantum computing.Source:Phys.Org

01.10.14.Why the NSA Wants a Quantum Computer, with Brad Templeton.Source:Big Think

30.09.14.From Diamonds to Supercomputers.Source:Scientific Computing

26.09.14.Three Questions with the CEO of D-Wave.Source:MIT Technology Review

26.09.14.D-Wave CEO: Our Next Quantum Processor Will Make Computer..Source:Re/code

25.09.14.Utah University engineers create 'topological insulator'....Source:WallStreet OTC

23.09.14.Quantum Computing Firm D-Wave

23.09.14.Google Vs. IBM: The Quantum Computing Race.Source:Benzinga

20.09.14.Nuclear spins control current in plastic LED:Step toward...Source:University of Utah

19.09.14.Secure Computing for the Everyman: Quantum ...Source:Scientific Computing

17.09.14.Method detects prize particle for future quantum computing.Source:Space Daily

17.09.14.Making quantum dots glow

17.09.14.PQCrypto 2014"6TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE.Source:University of Waterloo

15.09.14.Turning light into crystals: Technique that changes...Source:Daily Mail

14.09.14.'Solid' light could compute previously unsolvable

06.09.14.The Man Who Will Build Google's Elusive Quantum Computer.Source:Wired 

05.09.14.Lasers Could Aid in Building a Quantum Computer.Source:PC Magazine

05.09.14.Google Sets Out to Build Its Own Quantum Computer.Source:MIT Technology Review

04.09.14.Google begins developing its own quantum computer chips.Source:ExtremeTech

04.09.14.Google Is Working On A Super-Fast 'Quantum' Computer...Source:Business Insider

03.09.14.Google Announces It Is Developing New ...Source:International Business Times

03.09.14.What's really limiting advances in computer tech.Source:The Week Magazine

01.09.14.Oscillator gains new life for quantum computers.Source:EE Times India 


Brigham and Women's Hospital NanoNews:

21.10.14 Sopping Up Proteins With Thermosponges.

Researchers develop novel nanoparticle platform that proves effective in delivering protein-based drugs.


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24.10.14.Researchers make nanostructured carbon using the waste product sawdust.Chemists at the University of Birmingham have found a new way to make nanostructured carbon using the waste product sawdust, according to research published in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Green Chemistry today.University of Birmingham... 

24.10.14.NIST offers electronics industry two ways to snoop on self-organizing molecules.A few short years ago, the idea of a practical manufacturing process based on getting molecules to organize themselves in useful nanoscale shapes seemed ... well, cool, sure, but also a little fantastic.National Institute of Standards and Technology ... 

23.10.14.A new imaging approach for monitoring cell metabolism.Scientists at EPFL have used a new imaging technique to monitor how glucose, our main energy source, is used in the body. Their findings may have great implications for diseases like diabetes.Glucose is essential for the production of energy in our bodies,...Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne ... 

22.10.14.Novel nanoparticle platform proves effective in delivering protein-based drugs.A research team led by Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) has developed and tested a novel nanoparticle platform that efficiently delivers clinically important proteins in vivo in initial proof-of-concept tests. Nanoparticles, which 

22.10.14.Quantum effects in nanometer-scale metallic structures.Plasmonic devices combine the 'super speed' of optics with the 'super small' of microelectronics. These devices exhibit quantum effects and show promise as possible ultrafast circuit elements,..Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore... 

21.10.14.The Ocean’s Living Carbon Pumps.Understanding how viruses attack giant algal blooms may help us understand their role in fixing global carbon.When we talk about global carbon fixation –"pumping" carbon out of the atmosphere and fixing...Weizmann Institute of Science... 

21.10.14.Reading a Biological Clock in the Dark.Proper coordination between our gut bacteria and our biological clocks may be crucial for preventing obesity and glucose intolerance.Our species’ waking and sleeping cycles – shaped in millions of years of evolution – have been turned upside down...Weizmann Institute of Science... 

21.10.14.YEDA-XL-Protein GmbH Agreement .Combining two technologies makes a drug compound stronger and longer-lasting.YEDA Research and Development Company Ltd., the technology transfer arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, and XL-protein GmbH, Germany, a privately owned biopharmaceutical company,..Weizmann Institute of Science... 

20.10.14.California Israel Chamber Of Commerce Holds First Annual Int’l Business Summit.October 19, 2014 | The California Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC) together with the Israeli Economic Mission to the West Coast and other governmental bodies announced the first annual California Israel International Business Summit. NoCamels – Israeli Innovation News... 

07.10.14.Tumors Might Grow Faster at Night.Weizmann Institute scientists reveal that a hormone that keeps us alert also suppresses the spread of cancer.They emerge at night, while we sleep unaware, growing and spreading out as quickly as they can.Weizmann Institute of Science...