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26.11.14.Physicists bind single-atom sheets with the same force geckos use to climb walls.Physicists at the University of Kansas have fabricated an innovative substance from two different atomic sheets that interlock much like Lego toy bricks. The researchers said the new material—made of a layer of graphene and a layer of tungsten disulfide—could be used in solar cells and..University of Kansas... 

26.11.14.Breakthrough in flexible electronics enabled by inorganic-based laser lift-off.Flexible electronics have been touted as the next generation in electronics in various areas, ranging from consumer electronics to bio-integrated medical devices. In spite of their merits, insufficient performance of organic materials arising...The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)... 

25.11.14.Cooling with the coldest matter in the world.Physicists at the University of Basel have developed a new cooling technique for mechanical quantum systems. Using an ultracold atomic gas, the vibrations of a membrane were cooled down to less than 1 degree above absolute zero. This technique may enable novel studies of quantum physics and precision measurement devices,..University of Basel... 

24.11.14.Engineers discover new method to determine surface properties at the nanoscale.Engineering researchers at Texas Tech University have developed a method for acterizing the surface properties of materials at different temperatures at the nanoscale.Knowing properties of materials at different temperatures is important in engineering,...Texas Tech University... 

23.11.14.UO-industry collaboration points to improved nanomaterials.A potential path to identify imperfections and improve the quality of nanomaterials for use in next-generation solar cells has emerged from a collaboration of University of Oregon and industry researchers.To increase light-harvesting efficiency of solar cells beyond silicon's limit of about 29 percent,..University of Oregon... 

20.11.14.Pumping Zinc.Weizmann Institute researchers reveal an unusual cellular mechanism that may be faulty in Alzheimer’s disease.Why would a cell go to the trouble of destroying perfectly good, newly-minted proteins? New research at the Weizmann Institute and research centers in Germany, which was recently published in Molecular Cell,..Weizmann Institute of Science... 

20.11.14.How Water Could Have Flowed on Mars.A new model suggests volcanic activity in Mars’ distant past spewed enough greenhouse gases to warm the atmosphere and melt the ice.Why does the cold, barren surface of Mars contain geological features that appear to have been formed by flowing water: river valleys, lake basins and deltas?Weizmann Institute of Science... 

20.11.14.Microbes Take their Sulfur Light.A model explaining the preferences of deep-sea microbes can help reveal the ancient past–as well as predict the future.On the ocean floor,where oxygen is in short supply,live microbes that “breathe” sulfur instead of oxygen.Far from the world’s forests, these microbes play a vital role in the planet’s carbon cycle,digesting around half of the...Weizmann Institute of Science... 

14.11.14.Behavioral Changes Seen after Sleep Learning.New Weizmann Institute research may bring the idea of sleep learning one step closer to reality. The research, which appeared today in The Journal of Neuroscience, suggests that certain kinds of conditioning applied during sleep could induce us to change our behavior.The researchers exposed smokers..Weizmann Institute of Science... 

28.10.14.Breakthrough in molecular electronics paves the way for DNA-based computer circuits in the future.In a paper published today in Nature Nanotechnology, an international group of scientists announced the most significant breakthrough in a decade toward developing DNA-based electrical circuits.The central technological revolution of the 20th century..Hebrew University of Jerusalem...